Learn how to overcome some fixated habits, that don't serve you.
Don't let anyone put limits on your ability.
"Be the truest version of yourself"
Nadia Thaman

My name is Nadia Thaman and I am a Certified Life Coach, state recognized nursing assistant and caregiver under the states of Florida and New York.  My goal is to encourage positive life changes with the use of my own life experiences and training that will in turn, help you overcome your obstacles, and gain clarity.

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Guide to Happiness

Life coaching focuses on the individual’s current state of mind and situation, evaluates it, and makes changes or adjustments in order to gain clarity and satisfaction in one’s life. By separating yourself from stress, anxiety, and difficult situations you will be able to gain the happiness you deserve.

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My purpose is to transform lives and relationships, I achieve this through educating and coaching my clients in basic human needs discovering limiting beliefs and patterns, taking radical personal responsibility for choices and behaviors and living an authentic, conscious life.

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